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During the festive season team is glad to announce its new partnership with the non profit organization I.D.E.A.. service sponsors SMS for the communication needs of the organization.

 I.D.E.A. is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that implements a number of charitable actions. The more frequent ones are "Food for all by night" and "Food door to door". More information can be found here

The founder, Mr. Tzanos Theodosis, claims: "I.D.E.A. belongs to all who want to contribute to society with tangible transparency! Also, I.D.E.A. enables anyone to implement a charitable activity!".

With the support of service, the ideal medium for communication and coordination of large groups, I.D.E.A. can send updates via SMS directly to members or/and to groups of volunteers for upcoming actions, meeting points and dates and last minute program changes. Also I.D.E.A. can communicate directly and personalized, via SMS, with the people they support. 

We are delighted to support an organization that supports humans in need, during the whole year!

The team wishes all the best for the future actions of I.D.E.A.!

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